Kingsday with Influencers: 3 Applications of Influencer Marketing

Orange pastry, hanging from jeans, walking in a burlap sack or a merry go-round: if you’re not Dutch, these things will probably not ring a bell. For Dutch people, however, it means Kingsday! With all kinds of festivities and activities tomorrow, Kingsday is an essential day for the marketing strategy of your business.

On a holiday like this, influencers offer countless possibilities for promotions. Today we’ll discuss 3 applications of influencer marketing on Kingsday.

Events on Kingsday

The first one is easy, and aimed at event marketing. The holiday is a good excuse for various dance- and house-festivals, where both millennials and influencers love to show their faces. Whether we are talking about huge events like 538 Koningsdag, which is aired live on national television, or smaller events like the Kralingse Bos Festival in Rotterdam: everyone has to choose between festivals, and tickets need to be sold. By working with influencers in the weeks leading up to your event you can boost awareness and really put your event out there. Who would not like to go to a party with his or her favourite influencer?


The power of influencers lies in their combination between content-creation and reach. Where a lot of marketeer still focus (too much) on reach, it is important to realise the potential of influencers as content-creators. Influencers succeed in reaching their target audience, and do so with their authentic content. A possible option for you is to work with influencers to create authentic content of your own, and use it for your company or event. Doesn’t look bad, right?

Wide Range

Whether it’s a vintage market on Kingsday, the famous orange pastries or the festivals: Kingsday is there for everyone. That means that there are applications of Kingsday promotions in virtually every market. Joy Bouwmeester, a real #fitgirl, prepared herself for the holiday with a piece of rusk with salmon. Different from orange pastry, and definitely more healthy!


Kingsday is a great holiday, and if you collaborate creatively with influencers that holiday may just turn into your party. Influencers can create awareness for events, and are great at promoting (orange) merchandise. Curious to see which influencers could match your brand? Request a demo below this post. And… have fun on Kingsday, on behalf of the whole Join-team!