Marketing Strategy: How to Incorporate Influencers in your Marketing Strategy

In life like in marketing, preparation is key. Your strategy must be carefully laid out, with at a clear idea of what you want to achieve. More importantly, you need the tools to measure that success in order to tailor and adapt your campaign.

If you’re using influencer marketing, the concept is no different. You’ll need to have targets in mind before you start, but the advantage is that these campaigns are extremely flexible. Today we’ll see what advantages you gain from incorporating influencers in your marketing strategy.

Running pilots

Whether it’s your first time with influencers or you are a veteran, pilots are a great way to tailor your strategy. You can let it run alongside your other channels (AdWords, social media) and influencer content can even be repurposed for your ads. Or better still, influencers could run your social media accounts, and post their content directly to your channels. You are not chained to a long term commitment if you only hire the influencer for a test trial.

Influencers-only Marketing Strategy

A lot of novelty brands are currently going on the market building their complete marketing strategy on influencer marketing. The success of Daniel Wellington brand, for instance, has shown that influencers can kickstart a brand from unknown to million-dollars worth through clever placement.

While this can be risky for established companies, young brands have a lot to gain from focusing on influencers only, especially if appealing to younger generations. Traditional media are far less important for them, and social media influencers can have a lot more swaying power than a high budget press and TV campaign.


Out of all the advantages of influencer marketing, one of them is their flexibility. You can hire one influencer and run a small test. Or you can go all out and base your entire marketing strategy on their swaying power. Matching the size and scale of your reach is easier than ever, and best of all, you could be running an influencer campaign in minutes.

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