Repurposing Influencer Content for Online Advertising

Repurposing influencer content provides an alternative way for you to reach your target audience. It can be regarded as adapting independent, previously produced user-generated marketing material to reach a defined marketing goal.

Firstly, customising previously published content gives you the advantage of speed. Simultaneously, it provides you with a pool of ideas and material to utilise in your online advertising strategy. Furthermore, the influencer has already created material within a certain visual theme, making it possible for you to build your strategy around it. Solidifying further the perceived connection between you and the influencer.

Why Utilise Previous Content in your Online Advertising

There are multiple upsides in adapting content from your influencers to fit your online advertising campaigns. Firstly, the material has already had an impact, and with data analysis you can find out the intensity of the impact it had. However, this does not mean that the content is by far obsolete. On the contrary: with clever and well-placed repurposing you can utilise it as a valuable part of your online advertising strategy in multiple forms and through multiple channels. This saves you valuable time.

Secondly, you already know that the content is good. Or, at least you know if it’s good or not! In addition to saving you from some A/B testing, the previously published material provides you with ample statistics to better target specific audiences. Obviously, you should only consider content that has proven its value by creating a buzz both within the audience and in the statistics.

How to Repurpose Material in Online Advertising

The most obvious way to repurpose previously created material is to share it. And you should, for influencers produce veritable marketing material to compliment your brand! You are, of course, proud of your influencers. You want to support and promote them in any way you can. This will help support a lasting and valuable connection between your brand and the influencer. This, in turn, creates more trust among your target audience.

Another way to increase brand leverage is to create website themes in collaboration with the influencer. By co-creating your website design you can make sure that the content is especially suitable to compliment your brand. Moreover, it merges seamlessly with the personality of the influencer. Utilising this type of material in your campaigns makes it possible for you to integrate brand marketing in a meaningful way for both of you. Besides the fact Join makes it easy to set up co-creation projects, a copyright-induced matter is taking into account legally. Therefore, you and your influencer always decide on whether you want to repurpose the content – together.

Strategies and Effects for Personal Branding

Collaborating with influencers has created a dynamic relationship between online advertising and personal branding. The beauty of collaboration lies in providing material that is consumed voluntarily rather than served automatically. When it comes to influencer marketing, the tech-savvy, well-educated bunch of millennials are not easily scared off by a fair amount of promotion. They know exactly when they are marketed to. With this in mind you can add value to your target audience by adding influencer content to your advertising. This will increase approachability and engagement.

Online Advertising on Social Media Platforms

Of social media platforms, Facebook accounts for the largest amount of monthly active users (MAU). It also ranks in the first place among social media users regarding the total time spent on any social platform. With 364 million MAU’ s in Europe alone, Facebook presents an online advertising opportunity too good to disregard. You can take a closer look at the statistics right here.

Business and brand presence on Facebook has steadily increased in the past few years, requiring every marketer to strike a balance between audience cynicism towards advertising and sponsored content. Advertising with influencer content is a way to maximize profits from investments.


To make sure you and your collaborator get the most out of the material, try repurposing it in multiple ways and across multiple channels. When specific content has proved to create a high level of buzz and engagement, the spill-over effect helps you to support your brand strategy by strengthening the ties between you and the influencer. This has a positive effect on the audience’s perception. On it’s turn, this is making an impact on how the audience sees you in relation to your influencer and your audience.