People-Based Marketing: How Influencers Help You Target “Real” People

As the digital world grows, so do the opportunities that marketers can utilize. Tracking pixels enable retargeting and sign-ups make it possible to target specific audiences for e-mailings and offers. However, we seem to be focusing on the numbers a little too much.

We have no intention to offense data analysts and tech savvy marketers – we really need you guys. The focus, however, should not be on 1’s and 0’s but on people. That’s why we see a relatively new concept being used increasingly: people-based marketing.

People-based marketing

Isn’t all marketing people-based? Of course it is: marketing is all about getting brands and products considered by consumers, who are always people. People-based marketing is a slightly different phenomenon and focuses on an integrated marketing system that does not target a mass, but a single person. As long as people keep supplying information about themselves, this system keeps updating. All the information is stored in databases, letting brands get insights on who they are, what they do and what they like. With this information, brands can target people personally, instead of in a group sample.

Why do brands invest in people-based marketing? Because it’s better. Brands can be more strategic, targeting customers specifically on what they need, want or like. Moreover, they can also adjust their messaging and content to fit the customer’s needs. Think of a big company as your next-door bakery: if the baker knows what you like to eat, or congratulates you with your newborn daughter, you’re just a little more likely to buy that pastry. This is practically how people-based marketing works. If combined data can tell you just bought a car, you’ll be retargeted for car insurance. Reactive marketing becomes proactive and predictive analysis becomes far more important. The opportunities are, as you can imagine, infinite.


Nothing new right? We’ve been using online data for a while now, and if you’re looking into buying a car online you’ll get the advertisement for the car insurance anyhow. Sites have cookies, we allow them, so we leave information that is reused to target us. Wrong: since people use mobile devices and apps more and more, cookies and tracking pixels are no longer reliable. Research by Nielsen showed that “58% of cookie-based measurement is overstated, 35% of cookie-based demographic targeting is inaccurate and 12% of conversions are missed by cookies.” Whoops. Not only Nielsen concludes this, as the visual below shows. Click the image for more information. By stopping to target data on devices and starting to focus on actual people we can create a more cohesive customer experience. Customers are treated as single users, on all devices and channels they use.

cookies stats

Marketing focused on real people, content that matches with people’s needs, a proactive attitude while users scatter across multiple screens: sounds like influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing

Marketing focused on real people, content that matches with people’s needs, a proactive attitude while users scatter across multiple screens: sounds like influencer marketing. Working with influential bloggers and vloggers to get your message out to the public is the go-to marketing strategy of today. Brands started with giveaways and barter deals and the market has matured into influencer campaigns and long term influencer marketing strategies. Why does influencer marketing work? Because it’s real and authentic. If a brand collaborates with an influencer that truly matches their style, identity or product, the influencer can provide content that his/her audience actively enjoys. Retargeting a new car-owner with car insurance ads is something – getting a consumer that is actively seeking and consuming content about getting a new car to consider your company is way better.


So, we’ve discussed people-based marketing, a good way to gather information about your customers. Moreover, we’ve discussed influencer marketing, a good way to reach out to your customers in an authentic way. Where does this leave us? It’s easy to get lost.

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