Pinterest’s Potential in Influencer Marketing

With more than 250 million users, Pinterest deserves to be part of any good influencer marketing strategy. Although the platform has been around for a number of years, it’s still extremely valuable. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, its content lasts way longer.

Who do you reach on Pinterest

The majority of its users (85%) are women. This is useful for many companies, as women are responsible for making the most purchasing decisions for house products. 67% of Pinterest users are adults between the ages of 20 and 30.

These influencers focus on lifestyle, holidays, fashion, sports, and other hobbies. Pinterest is perfect for companies that are active in these branches.

Pinterest is ideal for long-term influencer marketing

Although the platform offers a huge reach, you need to know that it’s a different platform than Instagram or Facebook.

A pin is not the same as a post. A post on Instagram quickly fades into oblivion, because very few people scroll down on someone’s profile. A pin, on the other hand, is used, seen and shared long after the first publication. People consciously search for pins, not so much for posts. This makes it more valuable as the content lasts longer.

On the other hand, you do need more patience to see the effect. An average pin takes about 3 months to reach half of its traffic. In comparison, a Facebook post reaches half of its traffic after 90 minutes. But the effect is gone sooner.

That’s why this platform is useful if you’re looking for long-term influencer marketing.

Pinterest influencer marketing tips

If you want to get the most out of Pinterest, you need a different approach for your influencer marketing strategy than you do for Instagram or Facebook.

Focus on micro-influencers who have a strong relationship with their followers

A successful Pinterest influencer is someone who is good at distributing the pins through the search engine of the platform. This does not necessarily have to be someone with thousands of followers. Micro-influencers pin only valuable and remarkable pins on a relevant board. They have between 500 and 5000 followers, but they do have a strong relationship with them.

Focus on the content, not on the influencer

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest is not about the influencer but it’s more about the content itself. That’s why it is important that the content provides value. A successful pin contains a high-quality photo and an SEO-friendly description.


Pinterest is particularly suitable for influencer marketing if you focus on the long term and know how to find the right influencer. The opportunities for collaboration between brands and influencers on this platform are only increasing. We expect that companies will increasingly use Pinterest in their influencer marketing strategy in the future.