Promoted video on Pinterest

Although videos aren’t the most important content on Pinterest yet, Promoted Videos are on the rise. Video content is growing on social media, also on Pinterest. How can you best use this in your brand’s influencer marketing strategy? Learn more in this article.

Why should you use a Pinterest video?

Every month, more than 200 million people around the world are active on Pinterest. Every day, they look for inspiration for their outfits, hobbies, travel, sports, and lifestyle. Research done by Pinterest shows that 75% of all users like to watch a video on Pinterest about something they’re interested in. This is a lot higher than the 55% of users on other sites.

A Promoted Video on Pinterest can be a valuable addition to your marketing campaign.

Pinterest video and influencer marketing

Pinners on Pinterest are excellent influencers for your brand. A video that is pinned by an influencer that fits your brand, can have more effect than a traditional advertisement. 

How do you post a Promoted Video on Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website?

If you want to drive more traffic to your website via Pinterest, you or the influencer need to share the video in a particular way. You first upload the video to YouTube, after which you make a pin of the video on Pinterest. Change the URL from YouTube to the URL of your website so that the traffic is directed to your website.

Do you have a Pinterest business account? Then you can upload a video directly to Pinterest. Sometimes this doesn’t work for all accounts as it depends on what type of credit card you use.

What videos work best on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform for people interested in fashion, food, hobbies, travel, and sports. The best Pinterest videos are how-to’s (e.g. make-up tutorials and recipes) and emotional storytelling.

According to Pinterest, brands should base their content strategy on specific marketing goals rather than choosing a particular type of video that fits their brand. 

Here are some tips for a successful Promoted Video on Pinterest.

  • Focus more on quality than on the duration of the video. Actually, the shorter, the better. Make the video relevant to the Pinterest audience.
  • Don’t think about the views, but optimize the video for actions. What do you want people to do when they’ve watched the video?
  • According to Pinterest, 67% of users are willing to take action after watching a video. This is compared to 32% on other platforms. Use that and reach people in different places in the decision-making process. Connect other pins to the video and keep the story going.


Video content on social media is growing and is becoming increasingly important. This also goes for Pinterest. Find an influencer on Pinterest that fits your brand and watch your conversions skyrocket.