Quality Content: 3 Marks For High Influencer Content Quality

Marketers tend to turn to influencers for their large number of followers and subscribers. They often overlook the fact that they are also an all-in-one content production house. Whether they focus on pictures (Instagram), wit (Twitter) or videos (Youtube), they are adept at producing high quality content.

But what exactly is considered quality content, and how can you recognise it? Below are the 3 sure signs that it will hit the sweet spot.

1: Great Production Value

This doesn’t need multi-million Holywood blockbuster budgets. These days, most content creators can do just fine with decent equipment such as a good DSLR camera, image filters, condenser microphones and professional editing software.

And it’s a fine line to tread, one where influencers know exactly what they are doing. Some of them cultivate a rough around the edges persona, but you’ll find that it is still done smartly, and with strong design choices. So the production value doesn’t necessarily mean content that looks expensive, but rather content that feels true, while being easy to digest.

“production value doesn’t necessarily mean making content that looks expensive, but rather content that feels true, while being easy to digest”

2: Content Tailored for the Audience

Sure, marketers have got their user personas and target demographics. But the best influencers have got years of experience producing content and adapting it to their audience. More importantly, their content grew with their fanbase, so they know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

What does it mean in concrete terms? Well, influencers have a very good idea of what kind of engagement they should expect from their content. They know if their audience will react, and how.It’s not unusual for a Vlogger to have several videos lined up, and to release them in an order that makes sense: avoiding two controversial videos in a row, for example. This could be a very strong asset for your sponsored content. If you want to know exactly what kind of audience an influencer reaches, consider using Join. With our influencer discovery function you can find influencers with a certain audience, before you start your campaign by briefing them. Request a demo of our platform below this post.

3: 100% Unique

There is a golden rule if the world of content creators: you do not steal someone else’s content. Sure, influencers excel at commenting, recycling and responding to current content, but it always has to come from them.

You will never see an influencer simply express another social media celebrities opinion as if it were their own, because audiences are tech-savvy, fast, and unforgiving. Plagiarizing in the online world is one sure fire way to make sure your career suffers a heavy backlash.


When everyone can create content easily, fast and for free these days, it can be difficult to make your mark. Your voice and content can easily be drowned in noise. Getting an influencer career off the ground can be difficult, especially in mainstream niches like fashion or computer game streaming.

But creating high quality content is still the bar of entry. Not everyone has access to good equipment, an original voice and an engaged audience. The content creators who have all three are surely well on their way to become social media stars.