(Re)Opening your Store? Invite Influencers!

Your display is perfect. The products are nicely arranged. The stockroom is full to the brim. You’ve thought about every single detail for your store’s grand (re)opening.

Now of course, the anxiety begins. Will people show up? WIll the press be there? Will the event be remembered as a success? These are hard things to predict. But you can give it all a little nudge in the right direction by making sure influencers are part of the (re)opening night. Why? We’ll describe some major advantages below.

1. Influencers Can Increase Attendance Numbers at the (re)Opening

How so? By creating buzz. If you allow influencers to start thinking about your event way in advance, they’ll know exactly how to mention it enough time to create 1) curiosity and 2) hype.

After all, we already know they have a large audience of subscribers or followers hanging onto their every word. But they are also adept at creating anticipation, especially for fashion and retail trends. This is doubly true of local micro-influencers, who are known around the area your store is in. By using Join‘s AI keyword function, you can target influencers that make content about your type or products – even specifically in your region. Use our demo request below this blogpost to find out how we can help you find the right influencers.

2. Influencers Can Make The Event Memorable

This is one of your main goal. Make sure talk about the (re)opening in order to create positive associations with your store. Well thanks to their following, influencers carry about them a certain star power.

In short, you are creating a media-worthy event. Invite celebrities, no matter how big or small, and people will talk. In real life like in the online world, engagement is the key to make an event stick. This is exactly what you’ll get with the right influencers.

3. Influencers Can Improve Your Brand Recognition

Brand recognition and brand perception have a lot to do with social media, but it’s important not to forget good old word of mouth. Bringing personalities from the digital world into your store can help create strong links in the consumers’ minds.

Does it mean you should shower influencers with goodies? It sure can help! Like with any celebrity, a kind word, or even a picture taken of an influencer wearing your brand at the event can go a long way to help your store.


Whether you are a store opener or an event manager, you will not be a stranger to the idea of banking on a celebrity’s fame. It’s a strategy as old as marketing itself, but for a good reason: it is still incredibly successful.

So just remember that you don’t need to spend big bucks on a celebrity. Inviting minor or major online celebrities like influencers can reap just as many rewards, if not more.