Social media trends 2022

Curious about what trends will define the social media landscape in 2022? Last time we talked about the latest trends in Influencer marketing. Today, we dive into the general social media trends we can expect in 2022!

1. Keep it “Reel”  🙌

In 2022, it’s about content that provides value, is educational, inspires and makes us laugh. People expect depth, authenticity and reality from the people they follow. So they expect not only highlights from brands, but also emotional values, for example. 

2. Day in the life   🚀

The TikTok trends involving lip-syncing and dance moves will become repetitive in 2022. This will give way to a different type of content, namely, “Day in the life” or “make this with me” videos. These videos are automatically meeting the increasing demand for authenticity of content. 

3. VIDEO (!!!)  ⏯

We can’t say it often enough…. But video will be incredibly important in 2022. And especially short videos, because these ensure high engagement. 

4. In control ⚠️

In the new year, we can expect many features that give us control over our social media use. For example, consider the return of chronological order on Instagram and parental controls for younger users.