Success Story: Neolac Biological Infants’ Nourishment

Moms want nothing but the best for their newborns. Especially when it comes to nourishment. Ausnutria Nutrition BV used influencer marketing platform Join for a campaign for Neolac Biological Infants’ Nourishment.

More on that in this success story. First, we’ll introduce the product and concept of the Neolac campaign, after which we will dive into the results and takeaways. Let it inspire you for your own influencer marketing efforts.

Neolac organic follow-on and toddler milk nourishment

The brand Neolac stands for quality milk for follow-on and toddler formula. It is made of 100% Dutch organic Meadow milk. Anyone having children will unmistakably recognize the product package. However, the brand has recently undergone a makeover! At the start of 2018, the new packaging was presented at the ‘’Negenmaandenbeurs’’(The Dutch Maternity Fair), where miffy was introduced as the new face of Neolac. The brand attended the fair with a stand and organized various activities. It received a lot of attention. Apart from the new design, the brand also focused on the messaging on the availability of Neolac. The product was recently introduced at the Dutch drugstore Etos, making it easily available for all (new) moms.

ORGANIC OR NOT? Zodra ik zwanger was wist ik al dat ik voor mijn kindje het beste wilde. Je gunt dat kleine ienieminimensje in je buik immers alles van de wereld. Na het avontuur van borstvoeding te hebben gehad, werd het tijd voor flesvoeding. Eerst heb ik gewoon huismerk geprobeerd, vooral omdat het zo makkelijk overal te verkrijgen is. Nu ik bezig ben met de zoektocht naar duurzaam leven hoort daar ook zoveel als mogelijk biologisch eten bij. En dan is het ook wel heel fijn als biologische flesvoeding @neolacnl vanaf nu gewoon bij de Etos te vinden is. (In een nieuwe verpakking waar mijn nichtje van 3 helemaal verzot op is ☺️). Soms zijn mensen sceptisch over biologisch, want ja, het is zo duur en iedereen kent wel een verhaal waarbij het biologische vooral in het gepimpte groene etiket zat in plaats van in het product. Wat we daarbij vergeten is dat veel producten gewoonweg te goedkoop zijn als je kijkt naar de grondstoffen en arbeidskosten. Ook hierin geldt volgens mij het principe van kwaliteit boven kwantiteit. Liever pure producten zoals deze voeding van Nederlandse weidemelk en dan maar minder verpakte tussendoortjes in je winkelkar (een pak rijstwafels is veel gezonder en goedkoper dan koekjes met een bekende kinderheld erop). “I prefer organic milk for my little one like @neolacnl cause it’s better for your baby and the environment.” #wonenaandemadelief #neolac #flesvoeding #biologisch #etos #nieuweverpakking #baby #organicmilk #wonenaandemadeliefcollab

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The campaign itself was led by Kim van Meel, General Manager Northern Europe for Ausnutria Nutrition. Influencer marketing is an important part of her strategy, as it increasingly becomes the most effective ways for challenger brands to reach and engage your target audience. We asked her why:

”Globally, we’re noticing a big shift that redefines consumer-demand patterns. In this shift, there are three essential elements: influence, personalization, and trust. Research has proven that sources of awareness and influence for baby formula are not effectively reached by ‘’above the line communication’’. Moms seek real experiences from other moms. They are nowadays less influenced by traditional television commercials. Our target audience consists of conscious moms who take the time to dive into the story, the origin and the ingredients of baby formula. Influencers are able to bring this story to our target audience like no other. They’re the ones that really earn the trust of (new) moms. Trust is important in any industry, but in our business, it is absolutely crucial.”

To promote Neolac, the brand decided to work with influencers. Using Join, they selected a list of top-quality mommy-bloggers that matched the style and tone of voice of Neolac’s products. Influencers created content before, during and after the ‘’Negenmaandenbeurs’’. They also received a package containing Neolac products. That way influencers could experience the products for themselves and give a clear and honest review.

Kim used Join’s platform for the first time for this campaign:

”The platform offers the possibility to make a selection of influencers that fit the brand and goal of the campaign. The platform design makes it easy to search using verticals and keywords, meaning you can find influencers that perfectly match with your target audience. It also enables you to browse through the relevant content that the influencers created in the past year up to now. Consequently, you can easily target the right influencers. At the influencer side it means they only receive relevant proposals.”


Neolac mainly chose mommy-bloggers for this campaign. Those are young moms that blog about the things that come with being a mother or becoming a mother. Baby nourishment is a hot topic on these blogs, making mommy-bloggers the obvious choice. Apart from a financial compensation and free products, the influencers were free to create something that was genuinely relevant for their followers. The ‘’Negenmaandenbeurs’’ is a relevant event, where information about (organic) nourishment is more than welcome. This made the created content easy to consume but still insightful.

Using Join’s platform for the first time, Kim selected the influencers herself. What did she pay attention to?

”During the selection process, I focused on various aspects. The level of aspiration of influencers was key: what is the tone-of-voice in their content, how do they use imagery, what is the look and feel of their social channels, what are the topics they write about most and if they possibly developed any specialisms in that regard? She continues: I also pay attention to reach and engagement of course, but the bigger picture is far more important. If I simply would focus on reach and engagement, I would probably end up with the famous influencers in the industry. Chances are, however, that their content is less authentic and much more ‘’picture perfect’’.”


As you can see throughout this success story, the influencers provided beautiful and fresh content. By working with multiple micro-influencers Neolac made sure they used different angles. The collaborations mainly took place on Instagram and mommy-blogs, but Neolac’s message was also widely spread via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. In particular, the insightful blogposts delivered great results. But also, the vlog made by Natalie Vijfhuizen proved to be successful. The video reached an engagement rate of over 5%!


So, did Kim reach her campaign targets? We asked her:

”It was the first time we used Join’s platform. Targets that were set upfront weren’t based on historical data, but on guestimates. The reach was great, but engagement could have been better. The majority of content on the mommy-blogs provided satisfactory engagement. Kim learned a lot about working with influencers with this first campaign. The best thing about it is that you build best practices by just doing it. The first campaign proved to be successful, but we have plenty of learnings of course. I implemented the learnings directly in the second campaign, which I’ve launched just now. We found that for example Instagram is a channel that delivers both quality and quantity amongst our target audience. To be honest, I expected that Facebook would have had a higher reach, but Instagram evidently scored better.”

The (re)introduction of Neolac became visible to many followers in the Netherlands by launching this influencer marketing campaign.


Neolac stands for quality milk for follow-on and toddler formula, made of 100% Dutch organic Meadow milk. Neolac combines a modern formulation with premium organic ingredients. The formula has been enriched with key fatty acids DHA and AA, as well as organic GOS fibres. The packaging can easily be recognized by the happy illustration of Miffy, that emphasizes the Dutch origin of Neolac. Neolac biological follow-on milk and toddler milk are available at Ekoplaza, the online webshop and all 525 Etos stores. Check out Neolac’s website for more information.

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