The next big thing: nano influencers

When you think about influencers, most of the time you will think about those influencers who have more than 10K social media followers and those who earn a lot of money by making advertisements for different brands. Lately, there is a shifting market. We see a new type of influencers, the nano influencers. What are the nano influencers and why would you use them for your next influencer marketing strategy?

What are nano influencers?

Nano influencers are those who doesn’t see themselves as influencers. They have on average between 100 and 5K followers on Instagram. When we compare this with the more bigger Instagram influencers, that’s not a lot, but that’s the reason why nano influencers are that interesting to collaborate with. Partly this has to do with the authenticity of the influencers, they have a small but relevance amount of followers and that’s what makes them extra authentic.

A nano influencer has most of the time followers who are interested in something particular, for example a specific style of fashion, a particular sport or something similar. Generally they are superfans who have a passion for a more specific brand or topic. Most of the nano influencers never had contact with companies before, this makes it easier to approach them. When a brand approaches them, an influencer will feel honored. They don’t collab with every brand. For this group influencers it’s not important how many people they reach, but about creating a bond with their followers. They give advice to friends in an Instagram post. The followers often leaves a lot of comments and are going to believe the influencer more quickly. You may reach a smaller group per post, but leave a deeper impression. A good collaboration with nano influencers can be very effective, especially for campaigns that will run for a longer period of time.

Why choose a nano influencer?


Nano influencers are those who focus on a particular theme or niche. They only accept collaborations that are relevant for themselves. Because of that you will get relevant content and content that will be more trustworthy.

Engagement rate

Besides the fact that the less big influencers are more trustworthy, they also have a higher engagement rate than for example the macro influencers. Macro influencers get more comments and likes, which makes it hard to manage. Because of this, they have a much lower engagement rate than nano influencers. The greater the interaction between an influencer and the consumer, the more effective the influencer marketing is as a strategy.


Nano influencers are way closer to their followers than macro influencers. The followers identify themselves more easily with nano influencers and the messages feel more natural and authentic.

Less budget needed

Further, nano influencers work for smaller budgets – if any. As a marketeer you have to take a little more time and effort to work with them, but you get a lot in return. Often they are willing to do more for your brand.

Long-term partnerships

It is financially more attractive to enter into a long-term collaboration with this group of influencers. A sustainable collaboration ensures a higher Return On Investment for a brand than the investment in a single post of a macro-influencer.

The role of nano influencers becomes more important as brands focus on a particular niche in the market. Do you want to collab with these nano influencers? Then quickly fill in your details below!