The rise of gaming influencers

Do you know someone who has never played a game on any device? Right, today it is very hard to find someone who has never installed or played a game on their smartphone or computer before. At least, everyone has done it once in their lives. That’s the reason why the gaming industry has never been so popular with both young and old. We can say that it is definitely a must to invest in gaming influencer marketing. Gaming influencers, a trend that brands should keep in mind in 2019.
But where can we find those gaming influencers? Gamers are using different platforms to share their experiences. The most popular channels are YouTube Gaming and Twitch. There is also Mixer, a service developed by Microsoft. On those channels the gamers can share their gaming schedules with their followers. Those influencers are not only active on gaming platforms, but also on Twitter and Instagram, where they do some extra promotions and maintain their network.

Dutch gaming influencers


Kwebbelkop also known as Jordi, loves to play games like Fortnite and Minecraft. Every day he uploads a new video on his YouTube channel. Jordi is a Dutch speaking guy, but he shares his videos in English.



On a daily basis you can expect a new gaming video from this gameman. His videos are in Dutch and always accompanied with a good amount of comments while playing Red Dead Redemption II. Besides YouTube he is also active on Twitch. Gamemeneer is always busy, he wrote his own book “How to become a Gamemeneer?”.  In this book you can read everything about how his career has started bus also tips and tricks to become successful on YouTube.



Every day at 7pm you can expect a new video on Link his YouTube channel. In these videos he plays various game like Grand Theft Auto 5, Minecraft, Pokémon and a lot more. He also makes videos based on the format of StukTV ‘Fortnite Hunting Season”. Link is not only active on YouTube, but also on Twitch.


Maxime MXM

One of the few female gaming YouTubers, is Maxime. Most of the videos she uploads are live commentaries. While she is gaming, she records herself. Most of the time Maxime is playing Call of Duty, Fortnite, Forza and many other games. You can also find her on Twitch, where she often goes live while she is gaming.

Maxime MXM


Influencers have a lasting and direct effect on their audience. When gaming influencers post new content, it encourages subscribers to view the latest developments. The viral success of Fortnite and Flappy Bird are proof of this. As a game marketeer it is important to promote a game on the most relevant platforms and with influencers who can present the content of your game in a creative and innovative way.

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