Top sectors for influencer marketing

Not sure if you can find an influencer in your industry? Don’t worry, you can find influencers in every imaginable sector. Including yours. What are the top sectors for influencer marketing? Find out in this article.

Top sectors for influencer marketing

Although many people think that influencer marketing is only available to the fashion, lifestyle & travel industry, it’s actually being used in the finance and healthcare sectors as well.

What kind of influencers can you find in the different sectors? We’ll highlight a couple of examples in the most commonly used sectors below.


One of the best known influencers in the sports sector is Kalani Ahmad from Hawaii. He is known for his basketball tricks, has around 510,000 followers on Instagram and he has a very high engagement. He works with major brands such as Samsung, Foot Locker and even McDonalds. 

Of course, it’s also interesting to work with micro-influencers. Take for example the Dutch Elodie Kuijper. This 19-year-old cyclist has over 21,000 followers on Instagram and she has an incredibly high engagement of around 10%. She works with several brands, including Bang & Olufsen.

Travel & lifestyle

Jennifer Tuffen is a British content creator who loves to travel. She grew up in the Netherlands and spends her time mainly in England and the Netherlands whenever she isn’t in Turkey. Her beautiful photos make people want to pack their bags and go explore the world. She works together with hotels and tourist offices. 


With around 12 million followers on Instagram, the Dutch Nikkie de Jager is a big name in the beauty sector. She is a makeup artist and known for her makeup tutorials on YouTube. Nikkie works with major beauty brands, such as Maybelline.

An interesting micro-influencer in the beauty sector is Yasmin Goedhart. This Dutch make-up artist has over 22,000 followers on Instagram and works with several big and small beauty brands.


There are also many influencers in the foodies sector. Instagram is the perfect medium to showcase beautiful pictures of food. And brands are using this to their advantage. A well-known foodie influencer, Vani Hari, works with brands that sell natural foods, without hormones or artificial ingredients. She has over 250,000 followers on Instagram. 


The gaming influencers are mainly active on YouTube, but of course they also have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels. One of the bigger names is Sean William McLoughlin. This gamer from Ireland has more than 21 million subscribers on his YouTube channel Jacksepticeye and 6 million followers on Instagram. 


There are influencers in every sector, and many brands find a way to work with them. The key to a successful marketing campaign is finding an influencer in a niche which is perfect to reach the desired target group. This can either be a micro-influencer, a bigger name or both.

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