Top athlete Influencers

Top athletes are more active on Instagram than ever. Many brands are taking advantage of this by partnering with them. But why do athletes make such good influencers?

1. Top athletes give brands direct legitimacy

Nowadays, anyone can call themselves an influencer. More and more content creators are therefore active on various platforms. On the other hand, not everyone can become a top athlete. That is why it is of extra value when a top athlete promotes your brand.

2. Top athletes really influence people

With Influencers Of Sports, higher conversion rates and CTRs are seen when campaigns are executed well compared to campaigns with standard influencers.

Influencers of Sports is a versatile and creative influencer agency, specialized in top Dutch sports. They bring top athletes and brands together and use influencer marketing to achieve specific campaign goals.

3. Top athletes generate natural storylines

Athletes can promote all products in an easy way. Think protein drinks, healthy food (or sometimes not), sportswear etc… They can promote anything that helps to stay on top. These natural collaborations create a lot of impact!

4. Daily life

The lives of athletes revolve largely around sports. Therefore, it is extra interesting if they show something of their personal life. Think about trips they make in their free time or their ‘normal clothes’. Athletes, of course, remain normal people and that attracts attention. Connecting your brand to athletes and their activities outside the sports field is therefore of high value!

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