Travel bloggers: How Influencers Stirred Up the Travel Industry

At one time, vacations were arranged through travel agencies or careful research using books and magazines. But the internet has changed all of that, offering numerous options that allow travelers to easily book accommodations and flights, often at a discount.

But even with great deals, consumers still need advice on what to do once they arrive at their destination. They usually look online for inspiration on places to visit in the first place. For that reason, travel bloggers have become increasingly popular in recent years, as people plan vacation time. Here are three ways the most popular travel bloggers, known as influencers, have forever changed the way people vacation.

Travelers Need Ideas

Before visiting an area, consumers often conduct online research to learn more about it. Travel bloggers and social media influencers have the power to reach those customers, as well as people who regularly monitor travel blogs to learn about vacation spots. Influencers can visit your business and write about the experience, giving their followers a preview of what their own visit would look like. Make sure if you roll out the red carpet for your influencers, you offer a similar level of hospitality to the customers they send your way.

Travel Bloggers Post Photos

Visuals are important in convincing people to visit your location. In fact, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have given users vacation envy, prompting them to daydream about their next trip even when they aren’t planning to take one. Travel bloggers can help your brand with this, posting high-quality photos of your location to inspire followers to consider a trip there. Best of all, you’ll save substantially when compared to the price you’d pay a professional photographer.

Travel Bloggers Make Locations Accessible

Unfamiliar locations can seem daunting to vacation planners, especially if it means traveling to the other side of the globe. Travel bloggers have a base of followers who trust them to offer great recommendations. By watching a trip through an influencer’s eyes, those followers may feel more comfortable traveling to the location themselves. This could bring people to your location who wouldn’t have otherwise been there.


If you’re ready to reach out to travel bloggers, here are a few tips that can help.

  1. In addition to overall top influencers, look for high-ranking posts on businesses like yours. That can lead you to the best person to promote your brand. By using Join‘s software you can not only find relevant influencers, but you can also search specifically for influencers that mention your brand or competitors. That way you’ll find the most relevant influencers – request a demo below.
  2. Pay their way. If you can afford to foot the bill for an influencer’s entire trip, your options will open. Otherwise, consider enticing someone who lives nearby and invite them to visit your location for free.
  3. Follow top travel bloggers. In addition to helping you find the best people to cover your business, these blogs can also offer great tips on how to run a successful tourism-based business.

Good luck!