Trends in Influencer Marketing: The Podcast

One of the fastest growing trends of this moment is the podcast. A trend that is also growing rapidly among influencers. The podcast is originally from the United States, where it has been popular for years. A study by Edison research has shown that 40% of the American population sometimes listens to an (influencer) podcast. Several celebrities and influencers have started podcasts, increasing its popularity. Think of people like: Anna Faris, Amy Schumer and Snoop Dogg.

A podcast is a free sound file that you can stream or download. Podcasts can be used for various purposes, such as information and/or entertainment. Podcasts are also used to communicate a message or opinion to an audience. The latter is one of the major reasons influencers use podcasts as a medium.

Podcasts in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the podcast has been on the rise since last year. Several companies started a podcast. One of the companies that started an influencer podcast is TUI. TUI’s podcasts are about unforgettable trips that celebrities experience with the travel agency. They use famous Dutch celebrities like Katja schuurman and Pauline Wingelaar. This podcast can be listened to via Spotify and Soundcloud.

Influencers and the podcast

Influencers’ podcast gain popularity, because the influencer already has a following on other social channels. They take advantage of those channels to promote their podcast. Influencers link their podcast to their story for instance to make sure their followers listen to it. There are numerous influencers who’ve started a podcast. Below we have listed our top five.

Our favorite podcasts:
  1. De Spannendste Reisverhalen (TUI): TUI’s podcast is about the unforgettable travels, influencers experience with the travel agency.
  2. Yous & Yay: New EmotionsYous and Yay: New Emotions is a podcast hosted by Sef and Pepijn, two Dutch rappers who interview people with inspiring stories.
  3. Monica GeuzeEvery week Monica Geuze invites Dutch influencers and celebs on her couch for a relaxed conversation. 
  4. Impaulsive with Logan Paul: A podcast about all sorts of things. His podcast covers topics such as magic, but he also interviews celebrities like Steve-O (Jackass) and Farrah Abraham (MTV Teenmoms) 
  5. Liefdeslessen: Mischa Blok get’s love lessons from Dutch celebrities in intimate conversations about love. 
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