Top Tips on Using Influencer Content for Advertising

In a previous post, we’ve explored the advantages of repurposing your influencer content for online advertising. We’ve seen that it can save you time. It also comes with good metrics on its efficiency. And of course, it should already be in line with your branding guidelines.

Today we’ll dig deeper into this idea by giving you some tips on how to keep the content alive. After all, if it’s already there, why not leverage it to the max. Here’s some tips on using influencer content for advertising.

1. Influencer Content for Advertising On Social Media

Obviously your most valuable weapon here is the share button. You can repost, retweet, share and spread the original content as soon as it’s created. But why not repost it regularly? Sure, it might not have the same freshness, but there’s no reason why it can’t work. Especially if the opportunity makes sense.

For instance, let’s say an Irish vlogger talks about your product. You share their video the day it’s released. Now’s the time to get creative! For instance, you could easily ride the #St Patrick’s day hashtag by mentioning how your favourite Irish Youtuber loves your product. Just an idea.

One little things to note:, make sure you don’t overdo it. It can look a bit desperate if you repost the same video every day under any pretense.

social media

2. Influencer Content for Advertising Through Blog Posts

We love marketing blog posts. They’re usually long enough to explain the reason behind it, give the users value, and subtly sell your brand, service or product. And best of all, you can write about your influencer content as much as you want!

Keeping our same example as above, you could write a detailed blog post about your relationship with the Irish Vlogger. You mention why you like their personality or maybe compile a list of your favourite videos of theirs.

Best thing here: no need to spend more on the graphics department. If you can credit the influencer’s work (backlink and name goes a long way), you can easily grab snapshots of their video, or even some of the pictures and graphics they created themselves.


Is that all? Definitely not. Tomorrow we’ll be back with two more ways to use influencer content in advertising. Where today’s blogpost is rather obvious, we’ll go a little further tomorrow.

Marketing is a hugely creative field, and not just for content creators. The point is that by working with influencers, you’re sitting on a gold mine. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, if you know how to repurpose their content and keep it alive for as long as possible.