Vloggers For Marketing – Here’s Why You Should Hire Them

When it comes to jobs your grandparents couldn’t possibly imagine, vloggers must be at the top of the list. Twenty years ago, would have thought that one day everyone could get paid to record their opinions from their bedrooms?

Of course, this is the simple definition of vlogging. Today, it is a multi-million industry, and one that will continue to grow as YouTube now dominates the way people watch online videos. Today we’ll see why vloggers can be powerful allies in your marketing campaign and how you should hire them.

Vloggers Are Hugely Influential

This isn’t an exaggeration. Anyone who hasn’t spent much time on YouTube might be completely taken aback by the numbers. PewDiePie, who focuses on computer game reviews, is a multi-millionaire with more than 54 million subscribers. Every video he posts reaches hundreds of thousands of views in seconds. And of course, his audience, like many other vloggers, consists mainly of marketers’ most wanted consumer target: millenials.

Vloggers Help People Feel Part of the Experience

Traditional advertising appears extremely stiff compared with vloggers’ promotions. They have build their careers on their personality, so of course their voice is important to the audience. As content creators, their goal is to help you feel “like you are there”. If you sell services, or even products, one endorsement from a popular vlog is worth hundreds of thousands of anonymous reviews online.


Vloggers Work In Every Niche

If you browse the BusinessInsider list of the most popular vloggers, you’ll find a high proportion of them are dedicated to gaming. Not all though. A lot of vlogs center around topics like fashion, comedy, travel, horses, even toys. Ryan ToysReviews is a channel where a 5 year old boy reviews toys – which often beats Justin Bieber’s’ Youtube channel subscribers count. In short, you will find a vlogger for anything you want to promote.

Vloggers Can Take You Further Than Just YouTube

While vlogs could not really exist without the streaming video platform YouTube, famous vloggers can take your message a lot further. Their Twitter or Instagram followers can be just as engaged and passionate. And these days, Facebook and Instagram Live or streaming services like Twitch also help people share their thoughts online, which can open even more marketing channels for you. Join‘s online platform includes al relevant social platforms, meaning you can easily set up a campaign across channels. Interested in our software? Don’t hesitate and request a free demo.


Whether you want to market a service or a product, you have every reason to get a popular vlogger on board. They will use their reach to create a discussion, share thoughts and foster engagement around what you sell.

Most importantly, they will help people feel like they are part of the experience around your product. It is what traditional marketing has been trying to do for years, and their influence looks well on track to continue growing in the future.