Why LinkedIn influencers provide a huge opportunity for B2B brands

LinkedIn is not a channel that B2B brands immediately think to include in their influencer marketing strategy. But this platform is exactly where you can find your B2B target group! Unlike other channels, LinkedIn offers special marketing opportunities. Don’t miss out. This article will teach you how to successfully use LinkedIn influencers.

Why include LinkedIn in your influencer marketing strategy

Maybe you think that B2B brands don’t need branding. Business buyers make rational choices, instead of emotional ones, right? Wrong. Emotions play a major role in the decision-making process of B2B consumers. Branding for B2B brands is highly important. 

LinkedIn is the channel to use when exchanging business-to-business information. Users are actively and purposely looking for B2B content.

How to use influencers on LinkedIn

Many of the same guidelines apply for employing influencers on LinkedIn as on other channels. You have to set clear goals, find the right match, give your influencers creative freedom, look at their engagement, and repurpose their content.

You can find an influencer by entering the right keywords in the search bar on LinkedIn. Next, you research the profiles and contact them if you think you have found a match.

What are the benefits for a company to use influencers on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers a number of special features that other platforms don’t. These are longer LinkedIn articles, company pages (of the influencers), and the possibility to target certain job titles. If your influencers are CEOs, they can promote your brand not only on their personal profile but also on their business profile.

LinkedIn is particularly effective for these goals:

  • Demonstrating products and promoting free trial versions
  • Registration for webinars and events
  • Sharing Whitepapers
  • Engagement and traffic for B2B content
  • Business-to-business conversions

How to become an influencer on LinkedIn

Official LinkedIn influencers are selected by invitation only. This group includes some of the greatest thinkers and innovators in the world who discuss current and trendy topics. These include Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Arianna Huffington. Of course, there are also influencers outside this group, who are able to share their articles on the platform. To become an effective influencer on LinkedIn, it is best you meet the following requirements.

  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete.
  • You must be reliable and show that you’re an expert on your topic.
  • As with other channels, you need to ensure that you create high-quality content that is interesting for your connections.
  • You need to keep networking, expand relevant connections, and show engagement by responding to comments and posts from others.

It also helps if you have your own blog or website.


LinkedIn offers a lot of benefits, including specific B2B targeting and the double promotion via the company page of the influencer. By using the right influencers, LinkedIn offers a golden opportunity for your business.