YouTubers Assemble: #DYTG2018 with Lenette Hermsen

Last weekend was an important one for al vloggers in the Netherlands, as the Dutch YouTube Gathering 2018 took place. The event was organised for the fourth time in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. With over 20.000 visitors this is by far the best moment for YouTubers to meet their fans in real life.


So how does it feel to be a part of the DYTG as a YouTuber? We asked Lenette Hermsen about her experiences there.

Hi Lenette! First of all, did you have a good time?

Great time! Like the other years it was one big party. I was there for both days, and did four meet & greets. My followers provided me with a lot of cool and creative ideas for content. It’s fun to see how young girls are really nervous when they see me. I think it’s really cute and I try to ask them about their opinions. Then they slowly cool down and begin to ask questions themselves. 

I do see some improvements here and there. The concept is around for a long time. It started somewhere in a park with 15 YouTubers. I’ve been a part of the DYTG since 2012 and I’ve been seeing it slowly grow into a mass production. It makes sense, and is good in way, but it hurts the intimacy of the event. Furthermore you notice that the audience mostly comes for the gaming YouTubers, and less for lifestyle/beauty influencers like me.

Do you see an increase in the popularity of the event?

Definitely! I’ve noticed a huge growth for YouTube in the Netherlands. People really want events like this. On the one hand it’s the ultimate moment for fans to see their idols in the flesh. On the other hand it’s also cool for us YouTubers to meet our loyal fanbase!

The growing popularity of the event comes with a number of consequences. What used to be an intimate event where you could meet your followers, has turned into a two day-festival. And it’s not just about the YouTubers. This year there was also a carnival!



Meet & Greet

What’s the importance of events like this for you?

It’s tremendously important. Especially because I don’t organise meet & greets myself. This is a unique chance for me to meet my followers. I must say, however, the Gathering is more aimed at gaming YouTubers. The visitors are pretty much exactly their target audience. The Gaming YouTubers have their own stage, and the event sponsors are mostly focused at gaming. That makes it a little less relevant for me as a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber.

Would you perhaps like to organise an event yourself?

As a matter of fact, I did think about that last weekend! Like I said earlier, it’s difficult for YouTubers like me to meet my older target audience in real life. This is, however, something we would really like to do more! I think it would be really fun to hang out with my followers. I can see us having completely different conversations in a setting like that.

Do you see an increase in your subscribers after an event like this?

Not really. For creators like us it’s practically a networking event. We spend a lot of time in the VIP-room, that you share with other content creators. It’s easy to get into contact with other people. It’s really fun to talk with them, and share experiences about being a YouTuber. We do follow each other on Instagram afterwards!

The Future

Will you be back here next year?

Of course I will! I will be there only for one day, though. I really like being here every year, but it takes a lot of energy. You’re completely exhausted after two days. Especially because you’re standing and walking around all day long, talking everyone’s ears of and we also enjoy the organised afterparties in the evening.

Can we expect a video of the DYTG 2018 on your channel?

No, because I’m not a vlogger! If I would start making vlogs right now, my followers would find that strange. I don’t think it will be very successful, haha ;-).

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