How B2B brand Buurfashion collaborates with influencers to reach their clients

Buurfashion is a Dutch company that’s active in the fashion industry for years now. The brand fabricates her own brands, like Ivy Beau. Buurfashion takes care of the whole process from design till end product and focusses on the business-to-business market.

The campaign

How does the influencer strategy of Buurfashion look like?

Because Buurfashion is a business-to-business brand, they had to be creative to reach their clients with influencers. Buurfashion decided to collaborate with influencers who live nearby one of their clients and let influencers order from that store. Followers could participate in a give-away. A win-win-win situation!

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Load your hashtag!

In addition to satisfied customers, Buurfashion believes it’s very important to put their brands on the map. Therefore they created a unique hashtag for each brand that’s shared by influencers. Followers must also share the hashtag to participate with the give-away. 

Chat directly with influencers

Influencer Content

“Our goal was to improve the profile of Buurfashion as a B2B brand among consumers and shops, which we succeeded in achieving. After the influencer campaign we saw a significant increase in the number of followers. We also reuse the influencer content on our own channels, which creates extra awareness”


The B2B brand used the power of influencers in a creative way. Buurfashion has become well known under customers and the hashtag is still loading!

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