How Cabau Lifestyle is building a community

Cabau Lifestyle has created several campaigns to promote their Home, Sport and Lifestyle collection among others. With the main goal of increasing visibility and building a community with only power women. Chamelle Navest (Marketing & PR) tells us how she does it!


About Cabau Lifestyle

Cabau Lifestyle inspires and motivates women to become stronger, fitter and more confident. They give you the tools, tips and tricks you need to make it easier and more fun to unleash your inner powerwoman. Chamelle explains that she uses influencer marketing with the goal of building a community:

“It’s not so much that we want to market product, but it’s mainly about connecting women to our community. We want to convey that all women fit in with Cabau Lifestyle. We offer products and tools that help you feel better and improve your lifestyle. That’s why we think it’s so important to involve influencers who fit the brand.”

Lifestyle brand Cabau Lifestyle wants to reach its target group (women aged 18 – 55) through the use of content creators. Content has been created on multiple channels and more than 10 campaigns have been launched.


Content was created on the channels TikTok, Instagram & via Blogs. Over 75 female Influencers created content for the lifestyle brand and over 400,000 impressions were achieved + an engagement rate of 2.98%. But when is a campaign successful?

“A campaign is successful when I have found X number of influencers with whom I can collaborate on a long-term basis so who really fit Cabau and who I can therefore approach more often for different campaigns. Also, a campaign is successful when a good reach has been generated, the influencers’ followers respond well, the engagement is good and the content is fun and usable for our own channels.”

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The perfect influencer

To find influencers that perfectly match your brand, there is a search engine within Join with a search function & filters. Chamelle talks about how she uses this to find the perfect influencer, and about the ease of the open campaigns:

“Sometimes I’m looking very specifically for certain influencers, then it’s nice when requests come in on open campaigns from influencers who are actually a very good fit for us. You can see what kind of reach they have, their engagement, target audience and what collaborations they have done before. If influencers are in green then we just know that they have a healthy profile and are therefore really honest (Influencer Health Check). If an influencer is in the red then we don’t work with them either.”

“All the women we’ve worked with so far are a good fit for Cabau.”

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