World Animal Day with the SoChichen Sticks from SoFine Foods

SoFine Foods is a Dutch producer of alternatives to meat. SoFine focuses on plant-based food that is healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly and above all extremely tasty. With their plant-based they’re conquering Europe!

The Campaign

How did SoFine Foods work with Join?

SoFine made use of World Animal Day

The campaign was focused around two themes: the SoChichen Sticks, one of SoFine’s newest products, and World Animal Day. Using the hashtag #eetgeendierendag they motivated people to not eat meat on World Animal Day, and choose a vegetarian alternative. Preferably, the SoChicken Sticks.

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Instagrammers and bloggers were the focus group

The content on Instagram consisted of stories and posts – both showing the recipes the influencer developed with the SoChicken Sticks. Blogposts were filled with in-depth information about World Animal Day and SoFine products, paired with the Instagram-visuals.

Chat directly with influencers

“HAPPY ANIMAL DAY! A perfect day for a CAESAR SALAD but transformed into a plant-based variant.”

“Through the Join platform, SoFine Foods worked with 10 influencers, who created 15 posts together.”


Looks good right? Hell yeah! The campaign was a success and various influencers made great content for SoFine. The combined reach was over 385.000 and the average engagement on Instagram was 4.23%.

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