The Police of the Netherlands reaches thousands of people through game with information about xtc

Sabel Communicatie and Join created a campaign for Police Netherlands to reach young people to share important information about the world behind the xtc pill. 

The campaign

The campaign revolved around a game in which you follow the adventures of Molly the cow and Pipa the parrot who fancy a party where they can use xtc.

In this game you see the whole trajectory that is involved in the use of xtc. From the beginning of a party to the harmful effects of, for example, the waste that drug use produces and the criminal circuit. 

At the end of the game it becomes clear that the police are behind the campaign. On the last page you are directed to a website full of information about xtc. Also the influencers themselves announced on February 2, 2022 that the game, which they were talking about a while back, was from the police. 


Content was posted on the TikTok, Instagram & YouTube channels. 14 Influencers participated and 263,487 impressions were achieved. There was a lot of interaction (33,670) and a high engagement rate of 4.1%.

The campaign has reached thousands of people and spread a lot of informative knowledge about what the use of xtc means to the world. It has raised awareness about the harmful aspects of XTC and stimulated conversations with, for example, friends, girlfriends, teachers, parents, etc.

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“During the creation of the game we heard from young people that they often find government communication pedantic and therefore ignore it. So we went to work with Sabel on a cool campaign that would appeal to young people. And with success! The game was played more than 8,000 times during the campaign. I’m really happy with everything we’ve made and done.” – Lieke van Avendonk (communications advisor Police)

Instagram Content

During the campaign, various gifs, link stickers and filters on Instagram created specifically for this campaign were used.

You can find the gifs and filters on Join’s Instagram channel.

Curious about the game? Check out  and play the game!

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