How Tramontana successfully collaborates with micro-influencers on monthly basis

Tramontana is already active in the fashion branche for 35 years. They’re not only up to date about trends in fashion, but also about trends in marketing! Read more about their influencer marketing experiences below.

The campaign

Use monthly influencers!

Milena van Tintelen, online marketer at Tramontana, collaborates with 3 to 5 micro-influencers for every brand new collection. Every month she receives authentic content from influencers.

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Tips & Tricks

How does Tramontana succesfully collaborate with influencers every month?
-Invite the best influencers for the next campaign
Collaborate with 3 to 5 influencers
-Let influencers choose from a selection of items
– Use an influencer platform

Influencer content

The brand’s main goal is to show their newest collection in an authentic way to their target group. And it works!


The monthly campaigns result in authentic content for every new collection. The influencers post the content mainly on Instagram which results in a rise in brand awareness and followers on Instagram.

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