Hey JoinHQ, what are you guys doing?

Join is an online marketplace for influencers and marketers. Influencers sign-up and show us what they do and the topic they make content about (food, travel, fashion etc). Next, they let us peek into their audience. After they have linked their social media and geographical information, the profile is finished.

With a rich database of influencers, Join collaborates with brands. When they want to endorse toybrand X or beard-trimmer Y, they can easily and quite specifically look for influencers in our network. That’s why Join works two ways: marketers easily get influencers that fit their product or campaign, and influencers only get approached for collaborations that are relevant and interesting for their influencer-career. Win-win!

Which brands/marketers/agencies has Join already worked with? Where can I find examples of succesful campaigns?

Join works with a lot of different brands and companies, as influencer marketing is applicable in almost all markets. Whether it’s in retail, gaming, business to business or even commercial utility companies. Join’s past and currents clients include companies like Bol.com, Essent and pr.co. You can find some collab-posts here and here.

I already signed up for a media-agency, already work with an influencer marketing-platform or already signed a contract with a management. Is Join still interesting for me?

Of course! On the one hand we like to collaborate with brands, but on the other hand we also like to collaborate with media-, influencer- or talent-agencies. Therefore you can sign-up without any worry: Join is a non-committal platform that doesn’t work with influencers under contract, and you are therefore not obligated to do anything. When you get approached for a collaboration that you really like, you can work it out with the agency you work with. We <3 agencies!

How does it work financially?

Good question – for influencers, Join is ab-so-lute-ly free. And when we say free, we mean free: no costs for registration, no costs for collaborations, no costs for de-registration, no hidden costs what so ever. How the Join-team pays for groceries? If you negotiate a deal with a brand we charge the brand a service fee. This way you get paid what you negotiated with the brand and we get our service-fee. Sounds fair right?

I signed up: what’s next?

Great! Welcome to Join. It works as follows: Join collaborates with brands and finds matches for their campaigns. If you profile makes it to the “shortlist” of the brand you automatically get an invitation. This way you can only respond to campaigns that suit you and are relevant for the brand. Woohoo!

Are you guys going to steal my data, identity, social media-accounts and all my money?

No worries – Join can only exist with the help of the influencer! Therefore we are very careful with your data and privacy. If the terms & conditions only confuse you, let me explain it for you: Join does not own any of your data or content, but is only asking permission to show your content in your Join-profile. User-rights of content in campaigns are negotiated with the brand or marketer you work with, which is only binding after both parties sign a contract. This way, with Join you’re always in control!