3 effective ways to use YouTube influencers for influencer marketing

Nowadays, people are watching millions of videos on online services. YouTube is currently the most popular online video service that developed as an alternative to TV. The fact that consumers can easily access a great number of videos seems to fit perfectly into the ideals of influencer marketing. We can still learn a lot from YouTube as an influencer marketing tool. Join therefore highlights three ways of using YouTube influencers for digital marketing goals.

#1 Using YouTube influencers for unboxing videos

While the phenomenon of vlogging appeared on YouTube, the concept of ‘unboxing’ started to develop as a new influencer marketing tool. Vloggers film themselves while unboxing and presenting their packages to the audience. Sharing enthusiastic opinions of the goods influences consumer’s purchasing decisions and as a result easily convinces consumers. Did you for example know that the amount of time people spend watching unboxing videos on their phones alone is equivalent of watching the holiday classic Love Actually more than 20 million times? This fun fact exemplifies how surprisingly efficient and effective YouTube can be for influencer marketing.

#2 Giveaways & contests

Brands can ask YouTube influencers to promote their product via a giveaway or contest. In that case, YouTube influencer are asked to create a video in which they try to attract new customers and followers for a brand. Giveaways are one of the best ways to highlight features of a product. They have a 34% higher conversion rate compared to other influencer marketing tricks. To go on, giveaways with the price of multiple products work better for consumers. Consumers love to win bundles of items as it gives them an overall feeling of higher value. Also collab giveaways are popular on YouTube, especially on beauty channels. If you are convinced to implement giveaways or contests in your influencer marketing, make sure to track entries and website traffic from your influencers with a custom URL. In this way, you are able to track giveaways and provides insights in your personal influencer marketing goals.

#3 YouTube influencers and product launches

Using video content on YouTube for new product launches helps to increase brand awareness. 72% of the consumers would for example prefer to learn about a product or service via videos. Furthermore, 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product before visiting a store. These numbers show how ‘coming soon’ videos of YouTube influencers are efficient ways to promote product launches. Another way to highlight a product launch it to simply ask YouTube influencers to display a list of product or service features.


In this week’s article we have highlighted three ways to promote your brand via YouTube influencers. Unboxing, giveaways, contests and product launches on YouTube channels appear to be surprisingly effective for influencer marketing. At Join, we work with several YouTube influencers that could help you promote your product or service! Check our website for more information.