Confluence marketing, the influencer marketing strategy for your content

Content influencer marketing, in other words confluence marketing, appears to be an appealing marketing strategy for marketers. Since likes are invisible in some countries and the number of fake likes on Instagram decreased, qualitative content seems to play a dominant role within influencer marketing.

Brands and advertisers start to realise that good content influences the customer journey of the consumer. This blogpost focuses on confluence marketing and zooms in on three topics that explain why content is the most effective solution to communication challenges.

1. Confluence marketing: quality over quantity

High quality of visuals is one of the most important characteristics of promising contents. Composition, use of colors and lightning are features to keep in mind while managing your content. Lately, popular photo editing apps such as Lightroom became very popular for influencers. The cloud-based service offers photo editing tools for your desktop. The easy-to-use tools like sliders and presets create vibrant and qualitative content. In other words, definitely the perfect app to make your content a little bit more expressive.

2. Perfect match between brand and influencer

Next to high quality content, appealing collaborations and good matches between brands and influencers are interesting characteristics during the decision-making process of consumers. Relevant influencer content appears when collaboration between influencers and brands are reaching the same goals through their content. Only reliable business collaborations between marketers make product promotions successful.

3. Personalisation = key

Personalisation is an absolute key element in the field of confluence marketing. Earlier research proved that personalised content led to a conversion surge of 20%. Therefore, micro-influencers are gaining popularity on social media platforms. They might have a small follower count, but they are definitely leaving a mark within influencer marketing. The content produced by them is authentic and more trustworthy. The consumer feels related to the content, which makes working with micro-influencers more cost effective than impersonal content collaborations.


Currently, good content is very important for the critical consumer. High quality and composition of photo’s play a dominant role within content influencer marketing. Besides that, appealing and relatable collaborations between influencers and brands effect online consumer behaviour. Finally, personalising your content is the absolute key to create a higher engagement ratio through promising contents. Does this article make you curious to more insides of content influencer marketing and the opportunities it has to offer to you as a brand or influencer? Try our free trial now!