Influencer Marketing for Consumer Tech Brands

One of the biggest problems that most tech companies run into in their marketing is that they fail to ignite the passions of their target audience. All too often tech brands make the mistake of showing off their technical prowess and neglect the “human side” of their marketing.

However, more brands than ever before are using influencer marketing not just to connect with their target audience, but to develop their brand. Social media influencers are the perfect vehicles for communicating with customers because they produce content that people want to see, and promote. Consumer tech brands are collectively choosing for influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has become one of the core strategies that tech brands are using to differentiate their consumer tech from the competition. Below, we take a look at some of the world’s leading brands who’ve adopted influencer marketing to promote their work.

Case Study 1: Huawei Targeting Influencer Experts

One of the most unique influencer marketing strategies comes from Chinese tech giant Huawei. Huawei is one of the world’s top sellers of smartphones (just behind Apple and Samsung). In order to connect with their target audience Huawei looked for influencers in “specific areas such as cloud computing, safe cities, robotics or fintech”. They worked with influencers from John Battelle of WIRED to David Weinberger of Harvard University. At Join, we have a database with influencers from all kinds of niche markets. We make it easy for you to search specifically on content and topics. Curious to whether we have access to your #1 influencer? Request a free demo here.

Case Study 2: HP’s #BendtheRules Campaign

HP’s use of Facebook to promote consumer tech stands as one of the main trendsetters with regards to tech brands adopting influencer marketing. HP enjoys a following of over 4 million people on Facebook, and has launched a number of campaign such as the #Bend the Rules campaign. In this campaign, celebrities like Ellie Goulding as well as micro-influencers submitted films to show off their creativity.


Case Study 3: Samsung’s Campaign with Aussie Man Reviews

If you thought influencer marketing was confined to social media, Samsung’s innovative 2017 marketing campaign with influencer Aussie Man reviews proves otherwise. This multi channel advertising campaign features Aussie Man promoting the Samsung Galaxy in between slipping in jokes and quips in his signature style. Adding this touch of character helped to develop a dry consumer tech advert into a video oozing with personality.

Influencers as the Face of Consumer Tech

When approached with the right mindset, influencer marketing can produce killer marketing campaigns. Whether you’re dealing with specialized gear or intangible products, adding the face of a well-known micro-influencer in your industry can be the perfect way to jazz up your online presence.

In 2018, influencer has become central to social media success. After competing with brands like Apple and Android, rather than double down on the same old marketing tactics, brands like Samsung are adapting and using influencer marketing to promote consumer tech. Now, customers don’t want to hear from the marketing department; they want to hear an influencer!

The principal of using influencer driven content is the same, no matter who your audience is, and what industry you operate within. So long as you pick icons and micro influencers in your field, you’ll get your content out to a relevant audience and situate yourself as a brand in touch with the times. Ultimately, a memorable brand is a profitable brand.