COVID-19 and the new opportunities for influencer marketing

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the influencer marketing is experiencing rapid changes in content. As the coronavirus keeps on spreading, several social events and travel opportunities have been shut down. Consumers are forced to stay home, while influencers and marketers are shifting strategies to keep their target audience enthusiastic.

As consumers are seeking alternatives from home, influencers and brands have to react to the corona situation and need to adjust their businesses. However, the corona virus seems to create new business opportunities and even created increasing numbers of online sales. This can be linked to a number of causal links in consumer behaviours that will be examined in the following paragraphs:

Increased screen time during COVID-19 isolation

Due to quarantine and social distancing, consumers have less opportunities to leave the house. Although we are currently living in extraordinary circumstances, the increased screen time of consumers has positive impacts for brands. Next to that, influencers have more online engagement than ever. As a result, brands that leverage influencers get more online traffic.

Growing numbers in e-commerce

As a result of increased screen time, eCommerce surges while the corona outbreak is speeding up the shift from physical retail to digital spaces. Currently, consumers do more than 50% of their purchases online whereas six out of ten consumers state to continue shopping online after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. These promising numbers have many benefits for the influencer marketing, in which influencers and businesses will experience huge advantages from consumer buying behaviour amid isolation times. 

Direct to consumer (DTC) marketing strategies for influencers

As people are forced to stay in, they are looking for alternatives to continue their daily lifestyle practices. Especially fitness lifestyle communities are experiencing difficulties during the COVID-19 crisis. However, as people seek at-home workout alternatives, fitness influencers have seen a spike in engagement. An increased interest in home workout programmes created a growth in direct-to-consumer sales and online engagement. The direct to consumer (DTC) marketing model is a new methodology for eCommerce success. The DTC marketing model is a strategy that takes products directly to interested buyers. Moreover, this marketing methodology has been a successful strategy for influencers during quarantine times and creates a stronger connection between consumers and influencers.



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