Influencer marketing and sales

In the past years influencer marketing has become the most effective way to make your target audience familiar with your brand. Most brands use influencers to create brand awareness and to introduce new products or services to potential customers. Yet, few brands use influencer marketing to increase sales and conversion. That doesn’t mean influencers can’t be used to increase the sales numbers. Why influencer marketing and sales can be a winning combination.

Creating brand awareness, gaining followers and increasing engagement are of course important elements of marketing, but in the end it is all about one goal: increasing sales. There are various strategies that you can use to create a successful influencer campaign designed to boost your sales.

Discount codes and temporary promotions

Having influencers give discount codes to their followers is a perfect way to increase sales. After all, who is not sensitive to a good discount? When someone finds a discount code by following his favorite influencer, it gives the feeling it is a unique opportunity. Not everyone follows the same influencer, right?

Besides that, the use of discount codes is a perfect way to “reward” the audience  for following the influencer. Giving away discount codes is also benificial to the influencer himself; if it becomes known that the influencer regularly places discount codes, he or she will automatically collect more followers.

Another suitable way to prompt sales through influencer marketing is to offer temporary price discounts. Because the offer is only valid for a limited time, this creates a sense of urgency for the customer. As a result, the visitor is more likely to buy immediately.

Paid advertisement

Influencers are not just very influential, they are usually specialists in creating powerful content as well. Most influencers know excactly what works and what appeals to their target audience. After all, this is how they gathered their share of followers. When your influencer creates quality content, it is often possible to re-use the influencer generated content for paid social media advertisements. This way you increase the reach of the content while saving money for the production of paid advertisements. Make clear agreements about this with your influencer. Usually you are not allowed to distribute the content without permission of the influencer.

Blog posts

Blog posts are an effective way to lift sales through influencer marketing. A blog is the ideal platform for informing the customer about a product or service. Followers trust their influencers and consider them reliable and objective, making a blog the ideal way to convince customers. At the same time you can put links in the text and guide the visitors in a natural way towards your own website, where they can directly proceed to purchase.

Using the right influencer for sales

Like with all influencer marketing campaigns, it is crucial to find the right influencer if you want to increase sales. Brand and influencer must match perfectly to ensure that the information appears authentic. It should really seem credible that the influencer fancies to promote the brand through its social media channels. As long as followers are under the impression that the posts are honest and genuine, they will trust the influencer which makes the content extra effective.

Influencer marketing effective for sales

With the right influencer and a sound strategy, influencer marketing and sales are a good pairing. To achieve the desired results it is howerver necessary to carefully plan your campaign. Discount codes and promotional offers are in particular a great way to let influencers boost your sales.