Influencer Talk: Charlotte Evans-Meijer

Today we’re talking to Charlotte from She tells us a bit more about her life as an influencer, her biggest passion (photography) and how she combines her online life with her family.

First of all we were wondering how her online life started.

Charlotte, what was the original thought in starting your online life?

I am someone who likes to see pictures from the past. I often ask my mom if she has any pictures from my childhood. The idea behind my blog is to show everything to my son later. I don’t have to look for this in a dusty attic, but I have everything neatly on my blog.”

What does it mean for you being an influencer?

“I would like to share my enthusiasm with others. It’s nice to introduce people to products that can help with their challenges in their everyday life. The most important thing for me is to share something that really helps my followers. ”

Charlotte Evans Meijer

What are the different sides of being an influencer for you?

“I feel very privileged. It’s some kind of luxury to receive products or going somewhere with my family. Some of the products I receive, I would never buy myself because they are too expensive or I don’t need them. An other beautiful side of the job is the personal contact and interaction with my followers. Being an influencer also brings insecurity. There are always people who are more beautiful or who have more followers. There is a competition in the influencer world and that’s something you feel. ”

There are different ways influencers get satisfaction out of their work. I was wondering where Charlotte gets her satisfaction. She answered right away: photography.

“Yes, the real satisfaction I get from photography. My father is a photographer. I think that influenced me, it is really a family trait. I put a lot of passion into making and editing my photos. ”

If you would start all over again, would you do things different?

“Sure! I would take a more structured and organised approach. I would inform myself a bit more. These days there are a lot of online courses that can help you start your online life. ”

Charlotte, do you notice that you’re still being influenced by others?

“Of course! There is an American influencer, Jenna Kutcher. She is very positive minded and I get a lot of positivity out of her blog. Also Cynthia from, a very productive woman, who is very good in planning. I can still learn a lot from these people. ”

Of course, we were wondering what she thought about her collaboration on our platform.

How did you experience your collaboration on our platform Join?

“Very nice! Everything is together in one platform. You can easily upload your concepts for approval so that the brand immediately knows what to expect. Besides that, you can easily upload your invoice. I notice that, as an influencer, you’re often not taken seriously yet and that it often doesn’t go well with just e-mailing brands. With Join, where you have everything together right away, it’s just clear. ”

If you had to choose one thing, what was the nicest thing you’ve done for a collaboration?

“I don’t necessarily have one experience that’s the best. The thing I like the most are those things I can do with my family. It’s a way for me to share my online life with them and I think that’s very important. It’s the memories and experiences together that stay with me the most. ”

Finally, we asked her how she sees the future

Do you think you’ll keep doing this in the future?

“I’m very sure about that. I also work in the educational sector, but blogging is certainly something I’ll keep doing. Honestly, I think some things will change. I think there will be a shift from blogging to Instagram. That’s something I have to keep in mind. There is more future in Instagram, which doesn’t really matter for me – because of my big passion for photography.!”

This was our interview with Charlotte Evans-Meijer. It was a very nice chat, make sure to check out her blog. Collaborate with Charlotte? Fill in your information below for a free demo.