Three influencer marketing trends to know in 2020

Influencer marketing appears to be a successful strategy within the digital playfield. Especially in 2020, interesting influencer marketing trends start to dominate and characterize our post-corona society. In the list below, three interesting influencer marketing trends discuss why these particular developments are going to dominate in 2020.

1. TikTok as new kid on the block

With almost 1 million users in the Netherlands, the Chinese social media application TikTok is a fast-growing platform in the Netherlands. As new kid in town, the app is making its footpath in the Dutch dominant Instagram society. TikTok users are able to share short and funny music videos with their followers. Currently, this influencer marketing trend is very popular for the youth but seems to broaden their audience to a larger public. Is TikTok going to be the next Instagram for marketers in the Netherlands? Hopefully, this question will be answered in 2020.

2. Combining influencer marketing trends: confluence marketing

Confluence marketing positions itself as new concept within the field of influencer marketing. The concept can be distinguished into two different terms – content & influencer marketing. It shows how content is currently going to play an important role in influencer marketing tactics. As noticed on Instagram in some countries like the United States, Instagram is testing a like-free feed. They clarify that hiding Instagram likes would prevent social media obsessions and reduce mental illnesses. Another clarification for the decreased number of likes is Instagrams’ active role in lowering the amount of fake accounts and likes. Since likes are invisible in some countries and the number of fake likes decreases, the notion of creative content became more important in 2020. Companies base their influencer marketing choices on structured and creative content. In a new digital world, creativity and content are therefore crucial in the branch of influencer marketing.

3. Relationship with the audience

Apart from sharing creative content, the relationship with the inscribed target audience are of great importance. In 2020, online features like IGTV (Instagram TV) became more popular for companies and influencers. The videos are up-to-date, real and user-friendly. As new video-sharing feature, IGTV is seen as YouTube’s new competitor. Marketers realise that strong trust connections with their target audience is very important in present post-corona times. Features such as IGTV help to develop new personal connections with followers. The video’s give consumers a short sphere impression of influencers’ lives. Furthermore, Instagram stories are more often centralised in online user behaviour. Businesses and influencers are always looking for likewise thoughts through interesting cooperation’s. New trends, such as IGTV, therefore offers chances to win trust in a currently critical consumer world. 


TikTok made its entrance earlier this year as new social media platform within the Dutch social media society. Influencer marketing also experiences new developments that emphasize the trust bond between consumers and marketers. Good and creative content with new features such as IGTV and Stories appear to contribute to this strong relationship. Join supports strong and interesting collaborations between influencers and companies. We contribute to the development of smart marketing strategies that help improve your influencer marketing tactics!