Why influencer content is so effective

Nearly every brand uses content marketing and virtually every content marketing strategy stands or falls (according to the renowned Content Marketing Institute) with creating high-quality content. Most firms have no idea how to produce relevant content though. Furthermore, organizations that do get a hold of good content often lack methods to share this with the right audience. How can influencer marketing be used to solve these problems? And what are the benefits of influencer content?

Influencer content

Content marketeers regard a lack of relevant content as one of the biggest pitfalls for a successful content marketing strategy. Yet there are few companies that want to outsource the creation of their content to social influencers. However, by working with the right influencer you can ensure yourself of authentic content. Stuff that is guaranteed appealing to your target audience.

Social influencers create content that is proven to be effective. Whether it is an Instagram post or a YouTube review, influencer content is generally casual and original and it fits seamless with your intended target audience. After all, that is the reason your influencer has secured his or her host of followers.

Because you need to hand over a certain amount of control to your influencer, the most important step in the process is finding the right influencer. Always carefully review the type of content he or she usually posts. Ask yourself if the content and appearance of the influencer are representing for your organization.

Wide reach

The advantage of influencer content is that you instantly ensure yourself of a wide reach. When you produce content yourself, you still have to find a way to distribute it in order to deliver the message. Social media are a perfect way for reaching the audience, but gathering a large amount of followers on social media is not easy. Social influencers got these followers already. An additional advantage is that most people consider a post by third parties to be more personal and reliable than when a similar message comes directly from a company.

Most influencers offer the possibility to buy the content and post it on your own channels as well. You can use it for example on your own blog, website or banner. This way you can use the influencer content as effectively as possible. You immediately have new content for your company’s website or social media.

How much does influencer content cost?

Influencer content is a very efficient way of content marketing. The price for a social influencer campaign differs, but the average rate is less than €10 per post per thousand followers. For this price you receive unique content plus an effective way to reach your audience. Traditional ways of content marketing are much more expensive. Just a photo shoot costs hundreds to many thousands of euros, depending on the model and photographer. Even after spending this amount of money you are by no means assured of reaching your target audience.